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Modular 3 Axis toolspindle unit

Four vertical and four horizontal positions
Schneeberger linear guides
Fanuc and Siemens servomotors
Water-cooled CNC integrated spindle motors
High precision ball screws

Work area of 3-axis unit

Axis Travels / Axis Motor - continuous torque
X-axis 300mm / 22 Nm
Y-axis 300mm / 40 Nm
Z-axis 370mm / 22 Nm


Feed forces
X-axis 7,000 N
Y-axis 7,000 N (depending on scanning direction)
Z-axis 7,000 N
Higher forces optional

Feed X, Y, Z - axis 0-50 m/min
Fast traverse X, Y, Z - axis 50 m/min
Acceleration X, Y, Z - axis 7m/s2
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