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Achieve A Leading Position In Global Markets


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ICON flexibility and productivity allows you to react quickly to market changes helping you achieve a leading position in global markets.

Flexible production puts you in the position to act immediately on market changes.
Success in the current marketplace requires the ability to shift gears quickly and offer what is needed at a moment's notice. The ICON 6-250 multi-station production centre offers you the benefit of flexible production with immediate changes for today's requirements and tomorrow's requests. This flexible manufacturing system offers you the possibility of double production as well as additional spindle units that can be added.
Improve production decreases costs.
Up to 4 horizontal and 4 vertical, independent toolspindle units are available for simultaneous cutting of four workpieces on five sides at a moment's notice. Independent sequention machining processes create balanced and optimized production, maximizes productivity and lowers per-part cost.
ICON 6-250
Eight maschines in one offers increased productivity with space-savings.
The innovative ICON 6-250 system combines up to 8 toolspindles, 8 tool changers and 96 tools in a space-saving floor plan. This compact production-centre gives you the ability of complete processing in a space of 41 m2.

ICON 6-250